My Missions - Italy




We carried 280 20 lb. fragmentation bombs to be used on the troops defending the German lines in northern Italy. This was in direct support of British troops on the east coast of Italy about ten miles inland.

We flew up the Adriatic until we got a little above Rimini. There a smoke pot marked the place where we crossed the coast and turned in on our bomb run. (We opened the bomb bay door over the Adriatic). A little further on was another smoke pot and a large white arrow pointing the proper direction. As we approached the lines there were markers for the last 3000 yds. in the form of panels (one panel shape 3000), (two panel shapes 2000 to go), (three panel shapes 1000 yds. to go). Each of these had attention called to it by a smoke pot. The line itself was outlined thus (editor's note: here are three large T shapes), but of course it wasn't a straight line. As a final marking to show the exact front our own anti-aircraft guns were to outline it with puffs at 15,000 ft. (our altitude 20,000).

The enemy shot red flack at us; I don't know whether they were actually calling on fighters or were running out of other kinds of ammunition. We did a short 180 degree turn and flew back across our own lines. From all appearances our bombs landed with good results.