My Missions - Italy




Carried 10 500 lb. bombs up to Krems marshaling yard in Austria, in almost direct support of advancing Russians. We flew right on the lines east of Graz and could look down and see the fires and smoke of battle - although we were at tremendous altitude for such minute observations. For the first time in enemy territory I saw vehicles on the roads, but I was too high to recognize what type of vehicles they were.

We made two runs on the target, the first of these was broken off early because of intervalometer failure on the lead plane. The second run was made with the deputy leader, and the bombs were released late. They fell - for the most part - over the far side of the yard. A few hitting the yard itself, but most destroying buildings (small factories or dwellings) on the other side. The other boxes hit the yard on the button and most of it was destroyed anyway. I could see trains of much needed oil cars burning on the tracks beneath us as we went over. (The (sic) was all stored oil because every refinery in our area had been previously knocked out.)