My Missions - Italy




(Editor's note: incorrectly numbered by author; this was actually sortie 20)

Went up to Augsburg near the Swiss border to bomb marshaling yard with 1000 pounders (sic). We went through an intense barrage and a great deal of tracking flack. We hit the target on the button, though. I wasn't as scared as the last time I went through bad flack because I was throwing out chaff - I kept busy. A piece of flack came through the roof above my head. I had a flack suit on and was sitting on a piece of flack suit thrown over the emergency life raft. The flack that came through the roof hit the piece of flack suit I was sitting on about three inches from my rear end. It tore a gash in the covering of the suit but the steel mail made it bounce off. It pounded up and hit me in the seat of the pants. It felt as though some one had thrown a stone at me. When I looked around it was lying on the floor beside me. I picked it up and have it my wallet for a souvenir.

Lt. Cobb flew us.