My Missions - Italy




I flew the ball turret on a mission to Munich. We carried 500 lb. bombs to destroy the administration buildings and hangars of an airdrome on the outskirts of Munich. I followed the course of the bombs down but lost them before they hit the target. From the photographs we did very well. We destroyed a plane or two on the ramp - some hangars and the buildings behind them. There was flack but it (sic) didn't see any from the ball turret. Colbert my former co-pilot had checked out as first pilot and had flown as first pilot and had flown as such for the first time as my pilot on this mission. On the way back we were low on gas and our sight gauges wouldn't read so we took our chances and landed at Sara in Partisan held Yugoslavia. We had received more gas in forty minutes and were on our way again. While I was there I met Isaac, Dell's cousin who I had also met at Vis when we landed there. A lot of B-17's from the Rhurland raid were there also.