My Missions - Italy




Took off with Colbert as pilot, 10 500 lb. bombs for Verona on the southern end of the Brenner Pass. This was his and Sandy's last mission. We flew the same as the last mission except that we flew completely across to the west coast out over the sea, and then into enemy occupied territory from the ocean. We did not cross the lines. We flew east to Verona and dropped our bombs. We hit some of the dwellings in the city. We missed our target through some mistake. The flack was pretty rough. We sustained several hits in the wings and fuselage. I was praying quite a bit.

No sooner were we off the bomb run - still in enemy territory, when I heard a lot of profanity over the interphone, from those who were finishing. I didn't like it one bit. I was busy thanking God and they were swearing with delight. I wanted to tell them to shut up, but I knew that would get me exactly nowhere. Well, that was that - of course, on the way back we flew down the Adriatic after crossing the enemy coast near Venice.