My Missions - Italy




I have nineteen to go. We started out for Linz. The temperature was -40 degrees Celsius at altitude. The topmost clouds were barely 1000 ft. below us. We decided to abandon the main target and hit an alternate. We hit Graz bombing through the overcast. Our bombs would not release. The bombardier had passed out and the emergency salvo equipment would not work. We brought our bombs back. Our interphone was out. The latch on my turret could not be opened from inside. I was trapped down there. The fellows in the waist thought that something was wrong when I called up and asked them to open the door (if they were going to bail.) They thought that I needed the door opened immediately especially since I had a hydraulic leak which caused them undue alarm because they thought the red fluid was my blood. They turned off the power to my turret-my heated suit went out. I got up to the waist and we kept warm by swapping heated suit cords.