My Missions - Italy




We took off for Yugoslavia to bomb Mitrovica with 500 lb G.P. (editor's note: G. P = General Purpose) bombs. There was quite a bit of flack to protect the troops who had occupied the city on their flight out of Greece. The flack wasn't very accurate, though. I saw the bombs hit with terrific concentration about the center of the city. I prayed that there was (sic) no innocent civilians in the way. This is likely because the Yugoslavs had informed us that the city had been evacuated with the coming of the Germans. There were supposed to be 12,000 troops there fleeing from the British in Greece.

I hope we got some of those Germans because they've been pushing the Greeks around since they conquered those valiant people.

Instead of fifty missions the rule is now 35 sorties. I have nine sorties. From now on I shall keep this diary by sorties instead of missions.