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Beware the Ned Fish!

Tanganyikan Cichlids

By Ned Bowers
© Ned Bowers 4/19/20000

Ph Levels:

PH 7.5 – 8.5 best to maintain with dolomite, crushed coral, coral base rock &/or oyster shell on either the tank floor or in the filter system.

If you prefer you can used prepared buffers such as Kent Cichlid Buffer or Aquarium Systems Sea Buffer….

ATTENTION: Many buffers are extremely strong so use a lighter dose than the directions tell you AND keep away from children


You can use a maximum of 2 teaspoons per gallon of aquarium salt, Instant Ocean, or other forms of regular Sodium Chloride. It is some times preferable to use prepared salts such as Petcetera Aqua stock Rift Lake Salt or Kent Malawi/Tanganyika Salt…..use these products according to manufacture’s directions.

ATTENTION: Salts ONLY come out of the water when you remove water….so when you do your water changes RE-ADD the salt PROPORTIONALLY….

When topping off the tank for evaporation DON’T add extra salt.

Water Changes

The more frequently you change the water, the better your aquarium will work! For most species 50% water changes twice a month is a good schedule

Tank Size


VERY IMPORTANT - see the food paper


Behavior is almost completely unpredictable with almost all species.


I suggest that anyone keeping any kind of cichlid should have at least one small tank also … eventually either a bully, a victim, or a mother will need to be seperated from the community.

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