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Beware the Ned Fish!

Hints on Handling Problems with a New Cichlid Tank

By Ned Bowers

© Ned Bowers April, 2001

OK, OK, no problem … DO NOT PANIC !!


Your fish may have Nitrite poisoning... (Nitrite spelled with 2 i 's).

When setting up a cichlid tank:

Start with cheap fish (should be $5 - $10 each)
Start with about 6 fish make sure all are healthy, active, and feeding well
Ideal pH should be 7.5 - 8.5 (get a wide range kit)
Ideal temp. should be 74 degrees F [not 80 ... they fight when hot]
Ideal ammonia should be 0.0 (NOTE: can be 1 ppm when tank is new)
Ideal nitrite should be 0.0 (NOTE: can be 1 ppm when tank is new)
Ideal nitrAte should be below 100.00 ppm (NOTE: WILL be 0.0 when tank is new)
If ammonia or nitrite (Nitrite spelled with 2 i 's) go above 2 ppm change half the water.
Do NOT clean the filter until the tank is 12 weeks established. When you do clean the filter, use water that is between 70 - 80 degrees.
Do NOT sterilize the filter.
Find a friend or a store that has mostly healthy fish and ask them to clean one of their healthy filters and give you the "dirty" water.
Put the "dirty" water (beneficial bacteria) in the tank.
Remember : Change the water ... DO NOT change the filter.
DO NOT depend on products with " zyme" in their name to get the bio filter started.

Feed only GREEN FLAKE FOOD to african cichlids IF you are new to the hobby. Many brands are good:

Sera Spirulina
OSI Spirulina
Tetra Conditioning Spirulina
Omega One Veggie flakes
Uncle Ned's bulk spirulina flake