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tetras available by special order Dec 2023

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Post subject: tetras available by special order Dec 2023
Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2023 6:12 pm
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tetras available by special order Dec 2023

Hemigrammus saizi Brass Tetra lg $4 Colombia
Hemigrammus aguaruna lg $13 Peru
Paracheirodon axelrodi Cardinal tetra jumbo $5.50 Brazil
Paracheirodon simulans Green neon tetra sm/med $3.50 Colombia
Paracheirodon innesi Wild neon tetra lg $3.50 Peru
Hyphessobrycon cyanotaenia med $30 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon itaparicensis med/lg $39 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon cachimbensis lg $37 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus Flameback Bleeding heart tetra med med $13 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma Bleeding Heart tetra med $8 Peru
Hyphessobrucon sp. Infernalis med $55 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon guyanensis med $22 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon parvellus med $22 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon heliacus med $37 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon myrmex med/lg $45 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon sp. Red Cherry med/lg $45 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon procyon med $45 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon cf. copelandi med $10 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon montagi med $30 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon elchys med $10 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon moniliger med $30 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon peugeoti med/lg $50 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon cf. amandae "Wild" lg $13 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon robustulus med/lg $8 Peru
Hyphessobrycon haraldshultzi Crystal Red Tetra med $29 Brazil
Megalamphodus sweglessi Red Phantom Tetra lg $5.50 Colombia
Moenkhausia sp. Kogal Yellow lg $43 Brazil
Moenkhausia lopesi med $27 Brazil
Moenkhausia bonita med/lg $27 Brazil
Moenkhausia pittieri Diamond Tetra med/lg $10 Colombia
Moenkhausia agnesae med $15 Peru
Trochilocharax ornatus Ornate/orange tailed glass tetra med/lg $11 Peru
Nematobrycon palmeri Blue eyed Emperor tetra med/lg $5 Colombia
Nematobrycon larcotei Red eyed Emperor tetra lg $7 Colombia
Thoracocharax stellatus Platinum Hatchet med $6 Colombia
Carnegiella strigata vesca Dark Marbled Hatchet med $6 Colombia
Carnegiella strigata strigata Giant Marbled Hatchet lg/xlg $6 Brazil
Copella nattereri Red Spotted Splash Tetra med $7 Brazil
Pyrrhulina guttata Red Spotted Tetra xlg $10 Brazil
Myloplus arnoldi Yellowfin Redhook med $55 Brazil
Tometes ancylorhynchus med $50 Brazil
Astyanax xavante Pastel lilly Tetra lg $37 Brazil
Nannostomus marginatus Dwarf Pencilfish med $5.50 Brazil
Nannostomus mortenthaleri Coral Red Pencilfish lg $18 Peru
Nannostomus unifasciatus One stripe Pencilfish lg $5.50 Brazil
Nannostomus rubrocaudatus Purple pencilfish med $19 Peru
Nannostomus trifasciatus Three stripped pencilfish` lg $5.50 Brazil
Crenuchus spilurus Sailfin Tetra lg/xlg $16 Brazil
Brittanichthys sp. "Candle light" med/lg $13 Peru
Semaprochilodus taeniurus Red finned Prochilodus 3.5" $37 Colombia
Semaprochilodus laticeps Hi finned Prochilodus med $32 Colombia
Axelrodia reisei Ruby red tetra lg $5 Colombia
Erythrocharax altipinnis med $40 Brazil
Thayeria sp. Redfin Red Tailed Penguin Tetra med $70 Brazil
Hemiodus gracilis Red Tailed Hemiodus med/lg $20 Colombia
Odonthocharacidium aphanes Green dwarf Tetra med $16 Peru


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