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South Am CICHLIDS special order for Jan 3

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Post subject: South Am CICHLIDS special order for Jan 3
Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2023 10:26 am
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South American CICHLIDS by special order
likely arriving January 3
(some dwarfs have already been ordered, expensive items must be pre-paid)
prices are each

Apistogramma lineatus lg $37 Brazil
Apistogramma mendezi "Sao Gabriel" med/lg $32 Brazil
Apistogramma caucatoides "Purus" med $37 Brazil
Apistogramma caucatoides med $16 Peru
Apistogramma megaptera med/lg $60 Colombia
Apistogramma sp. Winkelfleck med/lg $46 Peru
Apistogramma viejita med/lg $16 Colombia
Apistogramma sp. Sunset med/lg $18 Peru
Apistogramma uapesi med $46 Colombia
Apistogramma panduro med $18 Peru
Heros efasciatus lg $70 Brazil
Heros efasciatus xlg $80 Brazil
Biodotoma cupido med/lg $25 Peru (already in stock at the store)
Taeniacara candidI "Lago Maica" sm/med $40 Brazil
Dicrosus maculatus med/Lg $37 Brazil
Dicrosus warzeli med/lg $55 Brazil
Laetacara araguaiae Araguaia Acara med $25 Brazil
Laetacara thayeri med/lg $18 Brazil (already in stock at the store)
Cichla pinima 4-5" $95 Brazil
Teleocichla cinderella med/lg $70 Brazil
Hoplarchus psittacus med $80 Colombia
Hoplarchus psittacus med/lg $90 Colombia
Pterophyllum altum "Orinoco" quarter $75 Colombia
Pterophyllum altum "Orinoco" med $80 Colombia
Pterophyllum altum "Rio Vichada"" med $90 Colombia
Pterophyllum altum "San Felipe" med $120 Colombia
Pterophyllum leopoldi med/lg $46 Brazil
Pterophyllum cf. scalare "Peru Altum" med/lg $19 Peru
Crenicichla compressiceps lg $39 Brazil
Biotecus dicentrarchus Lg $25 Colombia
Symphysodon tarzoo "Tefe" True Tefe Green Discus med/lg $90 Brazil
Symphysodon discus "Novo Airao" Blue face Heckel Discus med $75 Brazil
Symphysodon aequifasciata "Beruri" Red/blue Discus med $62 Brazil
Symphysodon aequifasciata "Cuipeua" Cuipeua Red Discus lg $215 Brazil
Symphysodon aequafasciata"Cuipeua" Semi Royal Cuipeua Red Discus lg $225 Brazil
Uaru amphiacanthoides Red eyed Uaru 4.5-6 $90 Brazil


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