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West & Central Africa available special order 1/21

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Post subject: West & Central Africa available special order 1/21
Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2024 11:57 pm
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West & Central Africa available special order January 21 ...
hoping to write order Sunday Jan 21 or Monday Jan 22 at the latest ....
call or email as soon as possible if interested in items below...
prices are each unless noted ...
expensive items must be pre-paid.... we can take credit card info by phone

Pelvicachromis kribensis Moliwe 2.5-3" $55/pr Cameroon
Pelvicachromis kribensis Dehane 1-2" $75/pr Cameroon
Pelvicachromis kribensis Idenau 2-3" $55/pr Cameroon
Pelvicachromis kribensis Polongwe 2-3" $60/pr Cameroon
Pelvicachromis drachenfelsi Wouri 2-2.5" $55/pr Cameroon
Pelvicachromis kribensis Makoure 2-2.5" $60/pr Cameroon
Pelvicachromis silviae 1.5-2.5" $35/pr Nigeria
Pelvicachromis roloffi Kolente $45/pr Guinea
Wallaceochromis signatus Kolente $55/pr Guinea
Wallaceochromis rubrolabiatus Mambiya $55/pr Guinea
Enigmatochromis lucanusii Fria $45/pr Guinea
Benitochromis nigrodorsalis Idenau $30 ea Cameroon
Benitochromis finleyi Mungo $30 ea Cameroon
Nannochromis parilius Blue Congo Cichlid $19 ea Congo
Paranannochromis cf. caudifasciatus $45 ea Cameroon
Steatocrannus tinanti Slim Buffalohead $20 ea Congo
Steatocrannus cassuarius $20 ea Congo
Steatocrannus sp. Inga $20 ea Congo
Hemichromis sp. Guinea I Kolente Blue Jewel $29 ea Guinea
Hemichromis sp. Guinea II Gold Hemichromis $29 ea Guinea
Annomalochromis thomasi African Butterfly Cichlid $17 ea Guinea
Heterochromis multidens(lg) $410. ea Cameroon
Heterochromis multidens(xlg) $510. ea Cameroon

Atya scabra Marbled Shrimp $30 ea Cameroon
Atya gabonensis med/lg $19 ea Nigeria

Polypterus delhezi(md) $85 ea Congo
Polypterus palmas buettikoferi sm/med $45 ea Guinea
Polypterus palmas buettikoferi lg/xlg $75 ea Guinea
Polypterus palmas palmas(lg/xlg)---beautiful fish! $75 ea Guinea
Polypterus weeksii(lmed) $85 ea Congo
Polypterus weeksii (lg/xlg) $95 ea Congo
Polypterus retropinnis--formerly Sp."Zaire Green(sm/med) $80 ea Congo
Polupterus retropinnis(med/lg) $100 ea Congo
Polypterus bichir lapradei "Ugheli" 8-10" $100 ea Nigeria
Polypterus bichir sp. Koloton 8-10" $100 ea Guinea
Polypterus bichir bichir "Chad" 13-15" $300 ea Cameroon
Polypterus bichir bichir "Chad" 16-20" $600 ea Cameroon
Polypterus endlicheri congicus 7-9" $100 ea Congo
Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri “Faranah Guinea” 8-10" $100 ea Guinea
Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri "Faranah Guinea" 11-13" $130 ea Guinea
Parasicydium bandama(African Algae-eating Goby) 3" $22 ea Cameroon
Kribia kribensis 1" $16 Guinea
Tetraodon mbu(sm/med) 3-3.5" $200 ea Congo
Tetraodon mbu(med) 4-5" $240 ea Congo
Xenomystus nigri 4-5" $29 ea Nigeria
Garra ornatus $20 ea Congo
Enneacampus ansorgii sm/med $45 ea Cameroon
Enneacampus ansorgii med/lg $50 ea Cameroon

Petrocephalus simus 2.5-3" $38 ea Guinea

Arnoldichtys spilopterus $20 ea Nigeria
Distichodus sexfasciatus(sm) $37 ea Congo
Distichodus sexfasciatus(med) $47 ea Congo
Phenacogrammus pulcher $37 ea Cameroon
Phenacogrammus major $37 ea Cameroon
Phenacogrammus interruptus(med) $16 ea Congo
Phenacogrammus Interruptus(lg) $20 ea Congo
Brachypetersius altus $25 ea Congo
Brycinus(Alestes)longipinnis $17 ea Nigeria
Brycinus cf. poptae $47 ea Cameroon
Nanaethiops unifasciatus $14 ea Nigeria
Neolebias trewavase med/lg $19 ea Cameroon
Barbus jae $16 ea Cameroon
Enteronimus cf. leonensis Yellow finned barb $22 ea Guinea
Lepidarchus adonis $8 ea Guinea
Ladegesia roloffi (md/lg) $8 ea Guinea
Opsaridium christyi $20 ea Congo
Opsaridium senegalensis $42 ea Cameroon

Pseudoepiplatys annulatus 100 lot pricing $5.50 ea Guinea
Scriptaphyosemion geryi $20/pr Guinea
Aphyosemion exiguum $38/pr Cameroon
Aphyosemion dargei $50/pr Cameroon
Epiplatys infrafasciatus "Dehane" $47/pr Cameroon
Fundulopanchax mirabile traudeae "Nguti" $47/pr Cameroon
Fundulopanchax gardneri mamfensis "Okoyong" $55/pr Nigeria

Procatopus cf. similis "Idenau Red tail" $17 ea Cameroon
Procatopus nototaenia "Kopongo" $17 ea Cameroon
Procatopus nototaenia "Bidou Red" $22 ea Cameroon
Procatopus aberrans "Ossing" $17 ea Cameroon
Aplochelichthys normani $5.50 ea Guinea

Microsynodontis sp. "Bumble bee" $12 ea Nigeria
Synodontis schoutedeni $36 ea
Synodontis pardalis (medium) $90 ea Cameroon
Synodontis pardalis $100 ea Cameroon
Synodontis waterlotti $32 ea Guinea
Synodontis pleurops $55 ea Congo
Synodontis soloni (med) $32 ea Congo
Synodontis soloni (lg) $50 ea Congo
Synodontis robertsii $55 ea Congo
Brachysynodontis batensoda sm/med $38 ea Nigeria
Brachysynodontis batensoda med/lg $48 ea Nigeria
Paraucehnoglanis macrostoma $22 ea Nigeria
Auchenoglanis cf. biscutatus $52 ea Nigeria
Mochokiella paynei $32 ea Guinea
Chrysichthys ornatus $39 ea Congo
Chrysichthys cf. auratus $55 ea Guinea
Pareutropielus buffei $16 ea Nigeria


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