Flower Horn / non-cichlids

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Flower Horn / non-cichlids

Postby Admin » Mon Dec 31, 2007 2:30 pm

the Flower Horn Cichlid, how rare are they, how much $$, can go in a Malawi tank, just tell me a little about that species.
it's a cross between varius central american cichlids, for instance Trimac x Red Devil, Texas x Jack Dempsey, and many others...personally I don't care for cross breeds...prices for various "Flower Horns"
go between $7 - $700, depends on size, type, and "quality"..
I think they are a waste of time...
yes ...they and many central American cichlids can go with Malawi cichlids, most of them get bigger than Malawi cichlids so you would need a large tank long term

other stuff to go with cichlids
basically all big fish eat all small fish...
Lastly what are some names of other fish that go well with cichlids if you could just name 3 or 4.
you can put anything with cichlids that is spiny, fast, big, or tough
so everything is relative
but for example: Raphael cats, Synodontis cats, scats, monos, archers, silver dollar tetras, large giant danios, large tiger barbs, large loaches, among many others will often work
...often you are better off adding a large non-cichlid to a cichlid tank...if they can't eat it they usually ignore it
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