72g Bow w/overflow

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72g Bow w/overflow

Postby Prez » Wed Dec 07, 2005 8:39 pm

Hi all =)

My first post and hopefully a long visit here.

I have set up our 72g tank after 1+years of sitting in the dining room with nothing in it =). It's been up for about 1 week now and obviously going through the cycling phase. We currently have (7) long finned Danios, (4) White Clouds, (5) Honey Gourami's and (3) Peal Gourami's it's not a planted tank but I plan on including a few low maintence plants (some Java Moss already in there w/ fake plants, real piece of wood and a couple pieces of slate [which is holding down the wood, lol])). We have added 3+ oz of Bio Spira and have a wet/dry under the tank filled with bio balls and a Magnum 350 with the gravel cleaning toys and micron filter that I use to polish/clean the tanks with on the side.

We are planning to stop by on Friday and pick up some Dojo Loaches and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on what other species we can add after the tank cycles --- Ram cichlids?? or even now. I am assuming all the current fish we have will survive the processes especially with the use of BioSpira. Or, slap me now and tell me to get a clue....LOL.

We have a 6 gal Eclipse system (our first) for the past 2 years and it's been a learning process with that, currently residing in there for the past year is our Goldie a gold nugget pleco that we were told will not grow to be that big but, we have plans to move her to the big tank after it gets established and (2) amano shrimp. We lost our male betta (Precious) to an outbreak of ich caused by my ignoance to trust even a plant from Petco and not QT it first....everyone else survived the salt/heat treatment. I will post some pics if anyone is interested.

Thank You Much!!!!
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Postby redpaulhus » Thu Dec 08, 2005 12:50 pm

sounds sweet.
Since you've got predominately SE Asian fishes (aside from the pleco) you could continue the trend - add maybe a dozen cherry barbs or rosy barbs and maybe a few more white clouds (once the tank is cycled of course).

Then perhaps a shoal of small clown loaches ?

You'd have nice schools of the barbs, minnows, and danios, plus you'd have active fish as all levels of the tank - gouramis along the surface, loaches along the bottom, and the schooling fishes midwater, top, and bottom.

Another cool group of fishes (if you don't want to stick with SE Asian only) would be the various "kribs" - Pelvicachromis pulcher, P. taeniatus, etc -- good looks, great personality.

Or - dwarf neon rainbowfish - Melanotaenia praecox !

Biggest trick IMO is making sure the fish you choose don't bully the little honey gouramis.
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Postby Prez » Thu Dec 08, 2005 1:19 pm

Thank you red! That does give me some nice choices.

I re-read my post and I did not intend to make it sound as if I will be including the Amano Shrimp to the 72g, they will remain in the 6g and we plan on purchasing another male betta, possibly from overseas (a show quality) via Aquabid.
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