new pond plants expected late 4/29

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new pond plants expected late 4/29

Postby Admin » Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:18 pm

new pond plants expected late 4/29

Hardy Lilys
un-potted $15 ea (we have pots and aquatic soil for sale if you want to DIY)
potted $27 ea (we pot with aquatic potting soil and lily tabs)

pics at:

4 of each expected

pad size: medium
flower color: Blossom opens yellow and turns to coppery bronze.
Speckled foliage. Flower is cup-like then star-like.
Very pleasant fragrance. Long season. Tolerates shade.

Mangkala Ubol
flower color: Peach/Orange
pad size: Medium
Big bold flowers held above deep green leaves.
Very profuse flowerer with the arguably the best colors in its category.

Patio Joe
pad Size: medium
flower color: Pink
Its rich salmon pink flowers are held above nicely mottled leaves. Very free bloomer and a vigorous grower.

Steven Strawn
flower color: Red
pad size: Medium
Outstanding orange-red blossoms are held just above the rich green foliage, which is covered by dark specks. Moderate bloomer.

Flower Color: White
pad size: Medium
Star shaped, multi-petal blossoms that stand well above handsomely mottled dark green foliage.
Flowers are white with a hint of pink towards the center. Excellent bloomer.

flower color: Pink
pad size: Medium
Large, deep pink star shaped blooms held high above the water. Leaves are green with brown flecks.

Hardy marginal plants
( 4 inch "pots" ) $11 each
{need to go in bigger pots, we can do that}

Arrow Arum Peltandra Virginica
Cattail narrow leaf Typha Angust.
Iris Versicolor BLUE
Iris Pseudacorus YELLOW
BLUE Pickerel Pontederia Cordata

floating & bunch plants

50 of each expected

Parrot's Feather Myriophyllum Aquaticum $4/bunch
Anacharis Egeria Densa $3/bunch
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