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South America available special order 11/28

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Post subject: South America available special order 11/28
Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 6:07 pm
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South America available by special order November 28
(possibly arriving Thursday December 2 or December 7)
Call or email right away if interested in anything listed below...
508 533 5969 store (noon - 5)
508 981 7730 cell (after hours or if store phone is busy)

Hemigrammus bleheri Red head rummynose lg/xlg $5 Brazil
Hassemania nambiquara lg $17 Brazil
Paracheirodon axelrodi Cardinal tetra jumbo $5 Brazil
Paracheirodon simulans Green neon tetra med $3.50 Brazil
Paracheirodon innesi Wild neon tetra med $3.50 Peru
Hyphessobrycon micropterus lg $22 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma Bleeding Heart tetra med $7 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon soccolofi Lesser Bleeding heart tetra med $5 Peru
Hyphessobrycon margitae med $12 Peru
Hyphessobrycon takesei med/lg $25 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon lapis emperor med $25 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon psittacus med $26 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon sp. Red Cherry" med $35 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon vilmae med $22 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon elachys "Platinum" Platinum Reed tetra med/lg $16 Brazil
Hyphessobrycon lapis yellow med $25 Brazil
Moenkhausia rubra lg $35 Brazil
Moenkhausia cosmops cosmops med $30 Brazil
Trochilocharax ornatus Ornate/orange tailed glass tetra med/lg $10 Peru
Abramites hypselonotus Marbled Headstander med $9 Peru
Thoracocharax securis Platinum Hatchet med $5 Colombia
Carnegiella strigata Marbled Hatchet lg/xlg $5.50 Brazil
Carnegiella marthae Pygmy Hatchet med $5 Peru
Poecilocharax weitzmani Black morpho tetra med $11 Brazil
Copella nattereri Red Spotted Splash Tetra med $6 Brazil
Astyanax xavante Pastel lilly Tetra lg $26 Brazil
Nannostomus marginatus Dwarf Pencilfish med/lg $5 Brazil
Nannostomus mortenthaleri Coral Red Pencilfish lg $17 Peru
Nannostomus unifasciatus One stripe Pencilfish lg $5 Brazil
Crenuchus spilurus Sailfin Tetra lg/xlg $14 Brazil
Tucanoichthys tucano lg/xlg $16 Brazil
Semaprochilodus taeniurus 3.5-4 $45 Colombia
Leporinus octomaculatus 3" $45 Brazil
Leporinus sextriatus 2" $40.00 Y Brazil
Iguanodectes spilurus Red line lizard tetra med $18 Peru
Axelrodia reisei Ruby red tetra lg $5 Colombia
Knodus borki Peru Blue Tetra med $9 Peru
Poptella brevispina med $25 Brazil
Thayeria boehlkei Wild Penguin Tetra med $12 Brazil
Hemiodus quadrimaculatus Four spot Hemiodus lg $90 Brazil
Protocheirodon pi Crystal Glass tetra med $15 Peru

Apistogramma cf. mendezi med $18 Brazil
Apistogramma barlowi med/lg $20 Peru
Apistogramma njisseni med $18 Peru
Heros cf.efasciatus Orange/Green Severum med $40 Peru
Biodotoma cupido med $24 Peru
Retroculus lapidifer 3.5" $70 Brazil
Geophagus altifrons "Gurupi" 3-3.5" $45 Brazil
Geophagus megasema Redhead Tapajos Geo 3-3.5" $50 Brazil
Geophagus steindachneri 3" $16 Colombia
Hoplarchus psittacus 4-5" $65 Colombia
Satanoperca mapiritensis 3-3.5" $19 Colombia
Satanoperca daemon 3.5-4" $19 Colombia
Pterophyllum leopoldi sm/med $40 Brazil
Pterophyllum cf. scalare "Peru not Altum" med/lg $19 Peru
Pterophyllum cf. scalare "Peru not Altum" lg/xlg $25 Peru
Pterophyllum cf. scalare "Peru not Altum Red spots" lg/xlg $34 Peru
Pterophyllum cf. scalare "Redback probably not Altum" Santa Isabel/Sao Gabriel med $85 Brazil
Pterophyllum cf. scalare "Redback Altum" Santa Isabel/Sao Gabriel lg $90 Brazil
Pterophyllum scalare "Manacapuru" lg $70 Brazil
Microgeophagus ramirezi ----NICE COLOR!! Wild Blue Ram med $10 Colombia
Microgeophagus ramirezi ----NICE COLOR!! lg $11 Brazil
Crenicichla notopthalmus 3" $24 Brazil
Crenicichla compressiceps Dwarf Green Pike 3" $32 Brazil
Crenicichla sp. Xingu I Xingu I 3.5-4" $50 Brazil
Crenicichla dandara Black Xingu III Pike 7-9" $265 Brazil
Symphysodon discus"Nova Olinda" Heckel Cross Discus lg $160 Brazil
Symphysodon discus"Nova Olinda" Heckel Cross Discus xlg $115 Brazil
Symphysodon discus "Novo Airao Heckel Discus lg $70 Brazil
Symphysodon aequifasciata "Beruri" Red/Blue Discus med $50 Brazil
Symphysodon aequifasciata "Beruri" Red/Blue Discus lg $60 Brazil
Symphysodon aequifasciata "Beruri" Blue Discus xlg $130 Brazil

Oxyropsis cf.wrightiana Spotted Otocinclus lg $16 Peru
Baryancistrus sp. L142/ LDA 33 Snowflake Pleco 3" $70 Brazil
Chaetostoma formosae Blonde Rubberlip Pleco 3" $10 Colombia
Nannoptopoma sp. Peru (I) Orange Orange Zebra Oto lg $22 Peru
Nannoptopoma sp. "Blanco"==very rare! Red eyed Ghost Oto $50 Peru
Hypoptopoma thoracatum Giant Oto lg/xlg $22 Peru
Otocinclus cf. coccama Common Zebra Oto lg/xlg $17 Peru
Otocinclus cf. caxarari (Nicer pattern) Dwarf Oto cat lg/xlg $5 Brazil
Parotocinclus maculicauda med/lg $22 Brazil
Parotocinclus haroldoi med/lg $25 Brazil
Parotocinclus jumbo LDA25 Bulldog Otocinclus lg $10 Brazil
Acanthicus hystrix 5-7" $115 Brazil
Scobiancistrus sp. L48 3" $70 Brazil
Scobiancistrus sp. L48 3.5" $70 Brazil
Baryancistrus chrysolomus L47 3.5-4" $75 Brazil
Parancistrus aurantiacus Chubby pleco 3-3.5" $40 Brazil
Panaque sp. L397(Large breeder sizes) Red Tiger Pleco 4" $210 Brazil
Panaque sp. L397 Red Tiger Pleco 2.5-3" $115 Brazil
Panaque sp. L398 3-3.5" $40 Brazil
Panaque sp. L418 Peru Green Royal Pleco 5-6" $200 Peru
Panaque ambrusteri L27 "Tapajos" Thunderline Royal 3-3.5 $75 Brazil
Hemiancistrus sp. L128 Blue Phantom Pleco 2" $50 Colombia
Hemiancistrus sp. L128 3-3.5" $70 Colombia
Ancistomus feldbergae L012/L013/163 3.5" $50 Brazil
Hypancistrus contradens L201 Colombian/False InspectorPleco 3.5" $50 Colombia
Ancistrus ranunculus L034 Medusa Pleco 3 $65 Brazil
Ancistrus hoplogenys L59 Gold dust Bushynose pleco 3-3.5" $55 Brazil
Ancistrus aguabonensis L032 Mottled Bristlenose pleco med/lg $40 Brazil
Panaquolus sp. L351 med $50 Peru
Panaque sp. L002 med $50 Brazil
Panaquolus changae L226 med $40 Peru
Oligancistrus sp. L30 Peppermint pleco 3.5" $55 Brazil
Panaque bathyphilus L90 Peru Ivorytailed royal pleco 8-10" $170 Peru
Panaque sp. L90a 3.5" $40 Peru
Peckoltia vittata L015 Candy stripe Pleco med $40 Brazil
Peckoltia compta L134 Leopard Frog Pleco med $85 Brazil
Peckoltia sp. L147 med $40 Colombia
Pseudacanthicus sp. LDA 105 Typhoon Pleco 8-10" $715. Brazil
Pseudacanthicus sp. L25 3-3.5" $200 Brazil
Pseudacanthicus sp. L25 6-8" $215 Brazil
Pseudacanthicus sp. L24" 4-6" $115 Brazil
Pseudacanthicus spinosus L96/160 4-6" $90 Brazil
Pseudacanthicus sp. L452 6-7" $120 Peru
Pseudacanthicus major L186 6-8" $315 Brazil
Leporacanthicus galaxias L29 Gold spotted Vampire Pleco 4-5" $50 Brazil
Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias L 007 Red spotted Vampire Pleco 3.5" $65 Brazil
Leporacanthicus triactis L91 Three beacon pleco med $65 Colombia
Hypancistrus sp. L136 med $40 Brazil
Hypancistrus sp. L004 Angelicus Pleco med $40 Brazil
Hypancistrus sp. L262 Spotted Queen Arabesque 3.5-4" $70 Brazil
Hypancistrus sp. L66 "Yellow " 3.5" $70 Brazil
Hypancistrus sp. L333 "Black and White" 3-3.5" $70 Brazil
Hypancistrus sp. L333 "Alenquer Yellow" King Tiger II 3.5-4" $70 Brazil
Pterygoplichthys werberi Ranger pleco 1" $13 Peru
Sturisoma aureum Royal Whiptail 4-6" $40 Colombia
Farlowella acus Twig Catfish 4-5" $12 Colombia
Farlowella acus Twig Catfish 6-8" $16 Colombia
Hypostomus soniae L137 Red finned blue eye pleco 3.5" $65 Brazil
Hypostomus soniae L137 Red finned blue eye pleco 3.5" $70 Brazil
Hypostomus luteus Phase II Hi Finned Golden pleco 10-12" $1000. Brazil
Hypostomus faveolus L37 Snakeskin Hypostomus 3" $40 Brazil
Pseudorinelepsis genebarbis L95 True Orange Cheek Pleco 10-12" $275 Brazil
Hemiodontichthys sp. Knob nosed Loricaria 5-8" $40 Peru

Corydoras pygmaeus Pygmy Cory lg $4 Peru
Corydoras reticulatus med/lg $9 Peru
Corydoras kanei med $9 Brazil
Corydoras habrosus Dwarf Cory lg $5 Colombia
Corydoras sp. Peru Bondi lg $16 Peru
Corydoras rabauti lg $10 Peru
Corydoras sp. Cw028 "Super Schwartzi" lg $37 Brazil
Corydoras sp. C053 "Longnosed Fairy Cory" lg $25 Peru
Corydoras schwartzi lg $10 Brazil
Aspidoras rochai med/lg $23 Brazil
Corydoras panda "Wild" med/lg $14 Peru
Corydoras aeneus "Orange Lazer" lg/xlg $25 Peru
Corydoras sodalis med/lg $9 Brazil
Corydoras duplicareus lg $25 Brazil
Corydoras concolor med $12 Colombia
Corydoras eques med/lg $32 Brazil
Brochis multiradiatus xlg $27 Peru
Corydoras granti lg $9 Peru
Corydoras weittzmani lg/xlg $35 Peru
Corydoras elegans lg/xlg $8 Brazil
Corydoras atropersonatus med $9 Peru
Corydoras ambiacus "Brazil" med $9 Brazil
Corydoras agassizi lg $8 Brazil
Corydoras pulcher lg $34 Brazil

Osteoglossum ferrerai 8-10" $200
Acanthodoras spinosissimus Talking Catfish med $12 Brazil
Acanthodoras sp.2 med $29 Brazil
Calophysus macropterus Vulture Catfish 5-7" $50 Peru
Pimelodus ornatus Ornate Pimelodid med $65 Peru
Bunocephalus sp. Banjo Cat med $12 Brazil
Dianema urostriatum===nice!! Flagtail Porthole Catfish lg/xlg $19 Brazil
Amaralia hypsiura Two Rayed Banjo Cat med $65 Brazil
Apteronotus albifons Black Ghost Knife 5-6" $23 Colombia
Brachyrhamdia meesi Mee's Catfish 3-3.5" $18 Brazil
Trachelyopterus cf. fisheri 3.5" $19 Colombia
Megalodoras irwinei Armored Catfish med $40 Peru
Pteridoras granulosus med $40 Peru
Rhinodoras cf. dorbignyi "Tocantins" Orange marbled Thorny Cat 3.5-4" $130 Brazil
Batrochoglanis cf. raninus Flathead Bumblebee Catfish 3" $24 Brazil
Pseudodoras niger Black Turushuqui Catfish 4-5" $55 Peru
Pseudopimelodus bufonius Giant Bumblebee Catfish 4-6" $40 Colombia


508 533 5969

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