Catfish Locations

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Catfish Locations

Postby Admin » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:38 pm

L190: Platinum Angels
L172: Papuae Rainbows & Nanacara A
L273: Glow Fish
L200A: Mollies (black and yellow)
L29: Panda Platys & Four Moustache Glass Cats
L203: Geo Abalius WILD Columbia & Large Flameback Bleeding Heart
L128: Pink Kissers
L169 (LDA-01) & L239: Discus
L81: yellowtail congos & interuptus congos (tanks are side by side)
L129: Notas Severums
L121: center tank, above indoor koi pnd
L162: Pineapple Swords
L257: Cupido Cichlid
L07: Sunset Platys & Gold Guppys
L91: Jaguar Cat & Peru Silver Angels
L134: Heckeli
L183: Chili Rasboras
L201: corner pentagon tank with assorted rams
L114: Cory Green Laser, Rosy and Tiger Barbs, Zebra Loach (3 tanks across, middle row)

Megalodoras Irwinei: Acuticeps & Cory SUPER Schwartzi

Cory Atropersonatus: apistos & platys
Cory Habrosas: Gertrudae Dwarf Rainbow
Cory Pygmaeus: Dwarf Pencils
Cory Orange Lazer and Cory Kanei: Red Swords (lower tank)
Cory Elegans: Glow Fish
Cory Schwartzi: Mollies (black and yellow)
Cory Melanistus: Panda Platys & Four Moustache Glass Cats
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