Plecos & Corys: special order: 10/27

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Plecos & Corys: special order: 10/27

Postby Admin » Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:42 pm

Plecos & Corys:
available by special order:
likely arrival 10/27
call Ned at 508 533 5969 soon if interested in the items below

Baryancistrus sp. LDA 33 Snowflake Pleco 3" Brazil

Otocinclus macrospilus Dwarf Oto cat lg Brazil

Baryancistrus chrysolomus L47 Magnum Pleco 2.5-3" Brazil
Baryancistrus chrysolomus L47 4" Brazil

Panaque nigrolineatus L190 Royal Pleco 1.5-2" Colombia
Panaque nigrolineatus L191 Broken line Royal Pleco 2.5-3" Colombia
Panaque armbrusteri L27 "Tocantins" Platinum Royal Pleco 10-12" Brazil

Panaque armbrusteri L27 "Tapajos" Thunder line Royal Pleco I 3" Brazil
Panaque armbrusteri L27 "Tapajos" Thunder line Royal Pleco 4-5" Brazil

Hemiancistrus sabaji "Tapajos" L75 Spotted Tiger Pleco 3.5-4" Brazil
Peckolita sp. L147 Colombian Spotted Tiger 4-5" Colombia

Ancistrus dolichopterus L183 Starlight Pleco 2-2.5" Brazil
Ancistrus dolichopterus L183 3-4" Brazil
Ancistrus claro LDA08 Gold marble Bristlenose md/lg Brazil
Chaetostoma milesi Black spotted rubberlip lg/xlg
Panaque sp. L330 Full Spotted Watermelon Royal Pleco 10-12" Colombia

Panaqolus sp. LDA 1,L169 Golden stripe Panaque 3" Brazil

Peckolita compta L 134 Imperial Leopard frog Pleco 2.5" Brazil

Peckolita lineola L 202 Morruda Orange Zebra Pleco 3-4" Colombia

Pseudacanthicus sp. L25 10-12" $390 each Brazil

Pseudacanthicus sp. L24 6-8" Brazil
Megalancistrus barrae Super Yellow Hi-fin pleco 8-10" $210 each Brazil
Hemiancistrus guahiborum L106 Orange seam Pleco 4-5" Colombia
Leporacanthicus galaxias L29 Gold spotted Vampire 4-5" Brazil

Leporacanthicus joselimai L 264 2.5-3" Brazil

Leporacanthicus heterodon L172 Golden Vampire Pleco lg Brazil

Hypancistrus sp. L260 Queen Arabesque 2.5-3" Brazil
Hypancistrus sp. L262 Spotted Queen Arabesque 2-2.5" Brazil

Hypancistrus sp. L333 "White stripe form" King Tiger II 4" Brazil
Hypancistrus sp. L333 "Yellow stripe form" 4" Brazil

Farlowella sp. Long nosed Twig Catfish 8-10" Colombia
Hypostomus soniae L137 Red finned blue eyed plec 3" Brazil
Hypostomus cf.cochliodon"Araguaia" L50 Spotted humpback pleco 4-5" Brazil
Hypostomus cf.cochliodon "Rio Jaciparana/Madeira" Lesser Spotted humpback 4-5" Brazil
Hypostomus mutucae LDA09 Black Spotted pleco 2.5-3" Brazil
Loricaria cf. lata Whiptail Loricaria med Brazil
Lamontichthys cf. llanero Orinocco longfinned loricaria 4-5" Colombia

Corydoras trilineatus med Peru
Corydoras aeneus "Lazer Orange" med/lg Peru
Corydoras cf. imitator "Longnose " C140 lg Brazil
Corydoras similis Violet Cory med/lg Colombia

Corydoras burgessi lg Brazil
Corydoras hastatus med/lg Brazil
Corydoras ourastigma lg Brazil
Corydoras albolineatus med Brazil
Corydoras julli True Peppered Cory med Brazil
Corydoras schwartzi lg Brazil

Corydoras reticulatus med Peru
Corydoras epphipifer med Brazil
Corydoras seussi lg Brazil
Corydoras gossei md/lg Brazil
Corydoras sp. Cw 099 lg Brazil
Corydoras duplicareus lg Brazil
Corydoras cf. arcuatus "Super Arcuatus" med/lg Brazil
Corydoras sterbai med/lg Brazil
Brochis cf. britskii lg Brazil

Corydoras ambiacus med Brazil
Corydoras kanei med Brazil
Corydoras pestai Cw044 (elegans type) med/lg Brazil
Corydoras davidsandi lg Brazil
Corydoras pantanalensis lg Brazil
508 533 5969
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