"Plecos" in stock as of 1/6/17

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"Plecos" in stock as of 1/6/17

Postby redpaulhus » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:50 pm

(Prices subject to change)
Loricaria cf. lata Whiptail Loricaria med $15 ea (80g geo tank)
LDA08 gold marble ancistris $29 ea (goldfish 40g long)
Gold spotted Pseudancistrus Pseudancistrus sp. L259/LDA032 $62 ea (33L with peru angelfish)
Hypancistrus sp. L340 Mega Clown Pleco md/lg $38 ea (44 corner tank)
Hemiancistrus pankimpuju L350 Peruvian Lyretail pleco 4-6" $75 ea (Praecox rainbow tank, also glofish tank, tigerbarb tank)
Hypancistrus contradens L201 Orinoco Angel Pleco 2.5-3" $39 ea (Bosemani tank, also 26g bowfront tank)
LDA01 (L169) bright orange bands $40 ea (bottom 40g below bosemani tank, also discus tank)
Leporacanthicus galaxias L29 Gold spotted Vampire Pleco 4-5" $62 (40g congo tetras)
Baryancistrus beggini L239 Blue Panaque med $55 ea (40g yellowtail congos)
Hi fin Green Phantom pleco Baryancistrus demantoides medium L200a $50 (sm discus)
Baryancistrus sp. L142/ LDA 33 3" $62 ea (Discus, also 40g with honey gouramis)
Leporacanthicus triactis L91 Three beacon pleco med $55 (Discus)
Peckolita compta L134 Leopard Frog Pleco lg $75 ea (Discus)
L27 Royal Plecos $45 (severum tank)
Pseudolithoxus tigris L257 2.5-3.5" $40 ea (spiny eel tank)
Hypostomus mutucae LDA09 Black Spotted pleco 2.5-3" $27 (5.5g tank)
brown ancistris, blue-eye gold ancistris, and large albino ancistris -- various tanks, various prices
md and large common plecos - various tanks
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