tanganyika possibly March 2nd

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tanganyika possibly March 2nd

Postby Admin » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:41 pm

expected this week
tanganyika possibly Friday March 2nd ...
12) Enantiopus sp. "Kilesa" 1.25" $35 ea
12) Xenotilapia bathyphilus "Kekese" 1.25" $28 ea
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Re: tanganyika possibly March 2nd

Postby bobangevine » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:04 pm

hey guys ...Are Altolamprologus Compressicep "Godhead " muzi coming in the near future ? looking for fish around 3 inches or so...

been about a month or so since my last visit....status of lace rock and lava rock ?
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Re: tanganyika possibly March 2nd

Postby Admin » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:10 pm

I'm getting an african cichlid order next week
if they have Altolamprologus Compressicep "Goldhead " 3 inch I'll add it on to the order

In stock now I have 3-4" black Calvus and 3-4" red Fin Mbita
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Re: tanganyika possibly March 2nd

Postby Admin » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:25 pm

African order coming next week
if you want any the items below please call 508 533 5969 ask for Ned
or email cichfish@aol.com

md-lg Aulonocara albino Cobue peacock ~3.6" Male; Color
lg Aulonocara baenschi Benga yellow COLOR
Wild Aulonocara gertrudae org collar Lupingu MALE; COLOR
med+ Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "regina red" ~3" Male; COLOR!
md-lg Aulonocara swallowtail jacobfreibergi "carolinae" ~3.5"
lg Aulonocara assorted 4"+ (farm) MALES
lg Aulonocara premium assorted 3.5"+ COLOR, MALES
Wild Buccochromis heterotaenia Tanzania ~6" FEMALE
Wild Buccochromis leptura green med-large ~4" - 5" Xtra Male
Wild Buccochromis rhoadesii yellow leptura meduim+ ~3.5" - 4"
Wild Buccochromis spectabilis Itungi ~6"+ (some color) (1M:4F)
Wild Champsochromis caeruleus Itungi ~ 6" XTRA MALE!
Wild Chilotilapia euchilus big lips ~4.5"+ XTRA MALE
md-lg Chilotilapia rhoadesi ~3" Male; color!
Wild Chilotilapia rhoadesi Itungi ~4" Rare! Female
Wild Copadichromis geertsi Lundu Point x-large ~4.5" MALE
Wild Copadichromis sp mloto Undu ~4"+ Male! COLOR!
Wild Copadichromis trewavasae mloto ivoryhead Lupingu Color
Wild Ctenopharnyx cf. intermedius/ nitidus Itungi (2M:1F)
md-lg Cynotilapia afra Jaro ~3"+ Male!
lg Dimidiochromis compressiceps ~4.5" - 5"+
md-lg Dimidiochromis compressiceps 3.5"
Wild Dimidiochromis compressiceps Tanzania ~5"+
Wild Dimidiochromis kiwingi medium-large ~3"+ Nice
Wild Dimidiochromis kiwingi large ~4.5"+ Xtra MALE
Wild Dimidiochromis strigatus sunset ~4" RARE!
Wild Fossochromis rostratus Tanzania medium ~3"+
Wild Fossochromis rostratus Tanzania med-lg ~4+"
Wild Fosso rostratus Tanzania large ~4.5"+ (no color) Xtra Male
lg Haplochromis assorted BIG!
md-lg Haplochromis assorted COLOR, GOOD BUY
md-lg Haplochromis assorted MALE ONLY
lg Haplochromis mixed hybrids ~5" Male, Color
Wild Hemitaeniochromis sp. blue spilopterus ~4.5" Female!
md-lg Labeotropheus fuelleborni OB/ orange female w/OB Mcat male
md-lg Labidochromis Hongi red top ~3"+ Male!
Wild Lethrinops sp "longimanus itungi" ~4" RARE!
Wild Lichnochromis acuticeps Malawi Gar ~4" - 6" RARE!
lg Melanochromis auratus ~3.5"
Wild Metriaclima greshakei red top ice blue Nice!
Wild Metria. mbenjii OB special fem w/RT cobalt male (1M:2F)

Wild Mylochromis ericotaenia Manda ~4"
Wild Mylochromis mchuse longnose ~5" MALE; COLOR
Wild Nimbochromis linni Tanzania ~4.5"+
Wild Nimbochromis livingstoni Tanzania medium-large ~3.5"
Wild Nimbochromis livingstoni Tanzania ~4.5"
Wild Nimbochromis polystigma Tanzania ~5"+ Male
xlg Nimbochromis venustus ~5" - 6"
lg Otopharnyx sp nova blue longnose "ovatus" NEW, COLOR
Wild Otopharnyx sp blue torpedo Mozambique medium ~3" NEW!
Wild Otopharnyx sp silver torpedo Itungi x-large ~6"+
lg Otopharnyx heterodon royal blue 5" Color!
lg Otopharnyx lithobates red top 'aristo' ~4"+ Full COLOR
Wild Otopharnyx tetrastigma spots Tanzania ~4" Xtra Male
lg Petrotilapia Chitimba thick bar ~5"
md-lg Placidochromis electra "deep water hap"
Wild Protomelas kirki ~4.5"+ Color; xtra Male
Wild Protomelas pleurotaenia Itungi ~4" RARE
lg Protomelas taeniolatus red empress
med+ Protomelas taeniolatus red empress ~3"
Wild Pseudotropheus chailosi bee (1M:4F)
Wild Pseudotropheus dolphin Manda (giant demasoni) ~4"+
sm-md Pseudotropheus mix (color) 2"
md-lg Pseudotropheus color mix 3.5"+
lg Pseudotropheus mix fancy 4"+
Wild Pseudotropheus williamsi Makonde blue lips ~5" MALE
Wild Rhamphochromis sp. Tanzania ~5"
md-lg Sciaenochromis fryeri electric blue ahli ~3+ COLOR!
Wild Taeniolehtrinops sp. "laticeps itungi" ~4.5" MALE
Wild Tramitichromis sp orange head lethrinops Itungi ~4" Male
Wild Tramatocranus placodon Itungi x-large ~6" Xtra Male
Wild Tyrannochromis nigriventer Tanzania ~3.5"+ Xtra Male
Wild Tyrannochromis nigriventer Tanzania ~4.5"+ Xtra Male
Wild Tyrannochromis nigriventer Tanzania xx-large ~6"+ Male

sm-md Aristochromis christyi parrot cichlid
sm-md Aulonocara eureka red albino ~1.5"
sm-md Aulonocara blue neon 2"
med Aulonocara chitende type Mozambique F-1 Big!
sm-md Aulonocara jacobfreibergi lemon jacob F-1
sm-md Aulonocara koningsi Mbenji blue regal
sm-md Aulonocara maylandi sulferhead ~2"
sm Aulonocara sp. Ngara flametail peacock
sm Aulonocara sp. Nkhata yellow head peacock
sm-md Aulonocara saulosi green face Undu Pt F-1 ~2"
sm-md Cynotilapia afra Jaro ~1.5"
sm-md Copadichromis chrysonotus white blaze
sm-md Copadichromis sp mloto gold crest Makonde ~2"
sm-md Fossochromis rostratus ~2"+ (Euro bred) Big!
sm-md Labeotropheus trewavasae red stripe Manda/ OB female
sm-md Labidochromis Hongi red top 1.5"
sm Labidotropheus pallidus yellow cap
sm Lethrinops intermedius ~1.25"
med Melanochromis auratus F-1 ~2.5"
sm-md Melanochromis 'vermivorus' (heterochromis) Mumbo Island
sm-md Metriaclima estherae cherry red zebra ~1.75"+
sm-md Metriaclima estherae OB red zebra ~2"
sm-md Metriaclima sp. mustardi OB yellow (OB yellow zebra)
sm-md Mylochromis plagiotaenia Mdoka F-1 Rare!
med Nimbochromis venustus ~2.5"
sm-md Otopharnyx lithobates red top aristo
sm-md Placidochromis electra deep water hap
sm Placidochromis sp. gisseli
sm Placidochromis phenochilus Mdoka white lips
xsm Placidochromis phenochilus shapphire Lupingu ~1"+
med Protomelas fenestratus yellow chin Pombo ~2.5"
sm-md Pseudotropheus kenyi ~1.5"
sm-md Sciaeno fryeri elec blue ahli snow white (Euro bred) ~1.5"

sm-md Altolamprologus calvus ink fin F-1 ~1.5"+
sm Altolamprologus calvus black ~1.25"
sm Altolamprologus calvus white F-1 ~1.25"
sm Altolamprologus compressiceps goldhead ~1.5"
sm Altolamprologus compressiceps red fin Mbita ~1.5"+
sm-md Altolamprologus compressiceps red 'Kigoma' F-1 real!
sm-md Chalinochromis brichardi Kigoma
sm-md Chalinochromis ndobhoi Karilani F-1 ~2"+
sm-md Ctenochromis benthicola Burundi ~1.5"+
sm Cyphotilapia frontosa black widow (Euro bred)
sm Cyphotilapia frontosa Kabogo diamond head ~1.25"
sm-md Cyprichromis leptosoma blue flash Malasa Island

sm-md Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu blue
sm-md Cyprichromis jumbo 'lepto' Chimba aquafin F-1
sm-md Cyprichromis jumbo 'lepto' Livua blue orchid
sm-md Cyprichromis jumbo 'lepto' Kapampa yellow F-1 Rare
sm-md Cyprichromis jumbo 'lepto' Kitumba ~1.5+
med Cyprichromis jumbo 'lepto' yellow head Nkondwe F-1 ~2.5"
med Cyprichromis microlepidotus Mabilibili ~2.5"
sm-md Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza ~1.5"+
med Enantiopus melanogenys Namansi Reef ~3"+/- BIG!
sm Julidochromis marlieri Burundi ~1.5"
sm-md Julidochromis marlieri Burundi ~2"+ BIG!!`
sm-md Julidochromis ornatus albino Big!
sm-md Julidochromis ornatus yellow Congo (Euro bred)
sm-md Julidochromis regani Burundi ~1.5"
med Julidochromis regani Burundi ~2.25"
med+ Julidochromis regani Burundi ~2.5" - 3" BIG!
sm-md Lamprologus brevis
med+ Lamprologus brevis Kapampa F-1 ~1.75" BIG!!
med Lamprologus brichardi albino 2"+ Big!
sm Lamprologus brichardi Kipili blue face F-1 ~1.5"
sm Lamprologus caudopunctatus red fin ~1.25"
med Lamprologus cylindricus goldhead ~2.75"+ BIG!
sm-md Lamprologus fasciatus ~1.5"+
sm-md Lamprologus helianthus yellow Congo
sm-md Lamprologus leleupi orange 1.75" nice!
sm Lamprologus multifasciatus
sm Lamprologus ocellatus gold ~1.25"
sm-md Lamprologus sexfasciatus gold ~2"
med Lamprologus tretocephalus ~2"+
sm-md Ophthalmotilapia ventralis Chaitika black head ~1.5"
sm-md Ophthalmotilapia ventralis Chituta powder blue F-1 ~1.5"
sm-md Ophthalmotipalia ventralis Mpimbwe silver streak F-1 ~1.5"+
med Ophthalmotipalia ventralis Mpimbwe silver streak F-1 ~2.5"
sm Ophthalmotilapia ventralis orange Kapampa ~1.5"
sm-md Ophthalmotilapia ventralis orange Zongwe F-1 ~1.75"
sm-md Paracyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon ~2"+
sm-md Synodontis multipunctatus jaguar type ~2"
sm-md Tropheus brichardi Ulwile fiery fry
med+ Tropheus brichardi Ulwile fiery fry ~2.5"++
sm Tropheus duboisi white band
sm-md Tropheus moorii Chipimbi firecracker Big!
med+ Tropheus moorii Chipimbi firecracker ~2.5"+
med+ Tropheus moorii kaiser II (Kiriza) ~2.5"- 2.75"+
sm Xenotilapia spilopterus yellow Sibwesa F-1 ~1.5"+

Wild Altolamprologus calvus black Zambia (1M:3F)
Wild Altolamprologus compressiceps orange Chaitika (1M:3F)
Wild Altolamprologus compressiceps red fin Mbita
Wild Cyprichromis leptosoma blue Mpulungu (1M:2F)
Wild Cyprichromis leptosoma blue zebra Kerenge (1M:1F)
Wild Cyprichromis jumbo 'lepto' Kapampa yellow NEW
Wild Cyprichromis jumbo 'lepto' Kapampa yellow MALE
md-lg Cyprichromis jumbo 'lepto' Moba ~3" Color! Nice!
Wild Cyprichromis microlepidotus Sibwesa MALE COLOR!
Wild Julidochromis regani Nsumbu ~4" (1M:1F)
xlg Lamprologus brichardi Kipili blue face ~3.5"+
xlg Lamprologus daffodil F-1 ~3.5" - 4"
Wild Lamprologus hecqui (shell dweller) ~2"+
md-lg Lamprologus leleupi orange ~3"+ Male
Wild Lamprologus pectoralis Congo ~3.5" Super Rare! Male
Wild Lamprologus sexfasciatus gold Kipili ~4"
Wild Lamprologus sexfasciatus half gold Congo ~3.75"
Wild Ophthalmotilapia ventralis Kipili orange tail (1M:1F) New!
lg Ophthalmotipalia ventralis Mpimbwe silver streak
med+ Petrochromis sp red Bulu F-1 ~2.5"+
Wild Petrochromis trewavasae Chimba ~4" (1M:2F)
Wild Tropheus moorii Chikonde pineapple yellow ~4" (1M:3+F)
Wild Tropheus moorii Chimba red ~ 4" females
Wild Tropheus moorii golden Kazumbe ~4" (1M:2F)
Wild Tropheus moorii Kalambo yellow sunspot ~4" (1M:2F)
Wild Tropheus moorii Kachese red ~4" (1M:3+F)
lg Tropheus moorii Kiriza kaiser ~4" (bred) (1M:2F)
Wild Tropheus moorii Nsumbu red ~4" (2M:3F)

Wild Anaspidoglanis macrostoma reticualted catfish 2.5"- 3.5"
xsm Barbu hulstaerti 3 spot butterfly barb ~1"+
sm Ctenopoma acutirostre leopard leaf fish (bred) 1.25"
sm Ctenopoma ansorgei ~1.75" dwarf bush fish
Wild Distochodus sexfasciatus small-med ~2" most nice size!
Wild Hemigrammopetersius caudalis yellow congo tetra 1.5"- 2"
Wild Phenacogrammus bruseghemi blood cap tetra ~1.5"
Wild Phenacogrammus interuptus Congo tetra med-large ~1.75"
Wild Phenacogrammus interuptus Congo tetra x-large ~2.5"+
Wild Phenacogrammus sp Lukeni red tetra ~1.5" NEW!
lg Pelvicachromis subocellatus Matadi ~2"+ (Euro bred)
lg Pelvicachromis 'taeniatus' Bipindi yellow ~2"+ (Euro bred)
Wild Polypterus ornatipinnis ~8" Huge!
Wild Polypterus palma polli ~10 - 12" Giant!!
sm Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor (Euro bred)
Wild Steatocranus casuarius buffalohead medium ~2.25" - 2.5"+
Wild Steatocranus tinanti thin buffalohead med-lg 2.5"+
sm-md Synodontis decorus ~2" (bred)
sm-md Synodontis eupterus ~2" (bred)
med+ Synodontis eupterus/velifer ~3.5"+ (Euro bred)
Wild Synodontis nigriventris true UD cat med-lg 1.5" - 2"
Wild Synodontis notatus medium ~2.5"
sm-md Synodontis ocellifer ~1.5"+ (bred)
Wild Synodontis schoutedeni large 3.5" - 4"
Wild Tetraodon mbu puffer small-medium 2.25"+
Wild Tetraodon mbu puffer large - x-large ~3" - 4"
Wild Tetraodon schoutedeni puffer medium 2.5"+
Wild Tetraodon miurus red teapot puffer med-lg 2.5" - 3"

sm Paratilapia bleekeri Maralambo ~1.5"+
sm-md Paratilapia bleekeri Maralambo ~2"+
med Paratilapia bleekeri Maralambo ~2.5"+
med+ Paratilapia bleekeri Maralambo ~3"+
lg Paratilapia bleekeri Maralambo ~5" - 6"
sm Paratilapia bleekeri big spot Andapa ~1.5"
lg Paratilapia bleekeri big spot Andapa ~5"
lg Paratilapia bleekeri green spot ~4.5"+
lg Paratilapia polleni small spot Fony ~5"+

sm-md Astatotilapia aneocolor yellow belly ~1.5"+ Color!
sm-md Astatotilapia (Hap.) latifasciata zebra obliquidens
lg Astatotilapia (Hap.) latifasciata zebra obliquidens
sm-md 'Haplochromis' (Pundamilia) sp. fire hap Uganda
sm-md Haplochromis' sp. Hippo Point salmon ~1.5"+
sm 'Haplochromis' sp. red fin florescent pink ~1.5"

xsm Ancistrus sp calico short fin ~1"+ (Euro bred)
sm-md Apistogramma agassizi double red
sm-md Apistogramma agassizi flame red NICE COLOR!
sm-md Apistogramma borelli yellow
sm-md Apistogramma cacatuoides double red
sm-md Apistogramma cacatuoides gold/double red New! Nice!
sm-md Apistogramma cacatuoides orange flash
sm Apistogramma hongsloi red II
sm-md Apistogramma macmasteri red Nice!
sm-md Apistogramma sp. opal
sm Apistogramma sp. rot punct (red point)
sm-md Apistogramma steindachneri
sm Apistogramma tucurui
sm-md Apistogramma veijita II
sm-md Angelfish California green (quarter+ body size) Euro bred
sm Angelfish Diamond (quarter body size) Euro bred
sm Angelfish Red Devil (quarter body size) Euro bred
lg Angelfish Map (Euro bred)
lg "Cichlasoma" labiatum (regular form) 5"+
med Geophagus steindachnari ~2.5"+ BIG!
med Hypsophrys nicaraguensis ~2.5"+ BIG!
med Parachromis managuensis ~2"
sm-md Poecilia Japanese gold rainbow Fancy Guppy ~1.5" (Euro)
sm-md Poecilia yellow cobra Fancy Guppy ~1.5" (Euro bred)
lg Poecilia half veil red tuxedo Fancy Guppy ~2.25"+
lg Poecilia half veil sliver blue Fancy Guppy ~2.25"+
lg Poecilia veil green king cobra Fancy Guppy ~2.25"+
med Procambarus alleni native Florida blue crayfish 4.0"
md-lg Xiphophorus variatus orange sunset platys 2.0" NICE!
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Re: tanganyika possibly March 2nd

Postby bobangevine » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:06 am

Thanks for adding them....on the black calvus and red fins... I've already purchased 8 (six in one tank , 2 in another).....i have room for 3-4 more,but looking for goldheads...thanks again ....I'll check back to see if you list them
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Re: tanganyika possibly March 2nd

Postby Admin » Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:47 pm

this order was massissely delayed
(storms, health, schedule, sun got in my eyes, wind took, other team cheats, etc.)

finally expected to land March 27

I will try to get the 3" Comp Goldhead
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