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Tanzanian Exporter of Wild Caught Tanganyikan Cichlids

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Post subject: Tanzanian Exporter of Wild Caught Tanganyikan Cichlids
Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:23 am
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Prime Cichlids collects and exports wild Caught Tanganyika ciclhds like: Altolamprologus, Frontosas, Aulonocranus, challochromis, tropheus, Benthochromis trocoti, Benthochromis horri, cyphotilapia, enatiopus, erethmodus, Tanganicodus, Synodontis, Petrochromis, Xenotilapia, Callochromis macrops, Callochromis melanostigma, Cyatopharynx furcifer "Sibwesa", Cyphotilapia frontosa, Cyphotilapia frontosa "Bangwe yellow", Cyphotilapia frontosa "Blue Mpimbwe", Cyprichromis leptosoma, Petrochromis famula "Tembwe", Tropheus moori, Tropheus duboisi, Xenotilapia and many many more as we have divers/collectors from more than 25 collecting points in and around Lake Tanganyika and Malawi. Contact us from our website at: www.prime-cichlids.bloombiz.com OR directly through our email at: cichlids@protonmail.com


We collect and export wild caught Tanganyikan and Malawian cichlids from over 25 collection points from the lake. More about us could be found from the website at:  www.prime-cichlids.bloombiz.com

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Post subject: Re: Tanzanian Exporter of Wild Caught Tanganyikan Cichlids
Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:56 pm
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very difficult for me to import directly from overseas

I suggest you contact my importer
send me an email
and I'll send you his email


508 533 5969

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