Malawi available special order July 2017

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Malawi available special order July 2017

Postby Admin » Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:05 pm

Malawi available special order July 2017

Wild Aulonocara sp. blue neon Undu Point male FULL COLOR!
Wild Aulono flavescent usisya-type Lundo Is male; FULL COLOR!
Wild Aulonocara jacobfreibergi lemon Undu Pt. male, Color!
Wild Aulonocara red shoulder Mtengula Moz! male; Color! NICE!!
Wild Aulonocara red top Lwanda Hai Reef male; FULL COLOR!
Wild Aulonocara saulosi green face Undu Pt xtra male, Color!
md-lg Aulonocara swallowtail jacobfreibergi "carolinae" ~3.5"
lg Aulonocara assorted 4"+ (farm) MALES
lg Aulonocara premium assorted 3.5"+ COLOR, MALES

Wild Buccochromis heterotaenia Tanz ~3"+ med-lg xtra Male
Wild Buccochromis heterotaenia Tanzania ~6" x-large

Wild Chilotilapia rhoadesi Itungi ~4" Rare! Female
md-lg Chilotilapia rhoadesi ~3"+ Male; some color
Wild Copadichromis sp. azureus wt blaze Male, FULL COLOR!
Wild Copadichromis jacksoni free water ~6" Male, Full Color!!
Wild Copadichromis sp mloto Undu ~4"+ xtra Male! COLOR!
Wild Cynotilapia afra Lions Cove (1M:1F)
md-lg Dimidiochromis compressiceps
Wild Fossochromis rostratus Tanzania ~5"+
Wild Fossochromis rostratus Tanzania ~3.5"+ med-lg
Wild Fossochromis rostratus Tanzania ~2.5"+ medium
lg Haplochromis assorted BIG!
md-lg Haplochromis assorted COLOR
md-lg Haplochromis assorted MALE ONLY
Wild Hemitaeniochromis sp. blue spilopterus ~4.5" Female!
Wild Hemitaeniochromis sp. urotaenia ~4" (1M:1F) RARE!!
lg Labeotropheus fuelleborni OB/ orange Mcat/ blue MALE
Wild Labeotropheus trewavasae Chindunga/ OB female New!
lg Labidochromis Mbamba yellow top ~4" NICE!!
Wild Lethrinops sp. marginatus chimate ~4" xtra male
lg Melanochromis auratus ~3.5"
lg Melanochromis johanni orange
Wild Metriaclima fainzilberi red top yellow chin/ OB fem Lundo Is
Wild Metriaclima greshakei red top ice blue Nice! Discounted!
Wild Metriaclima mbenjii OB special (red top cobalt male)

Wild Mylochromis lateristriga longnose Undu Pt xtra male, Color

xlg Nimbochromis venustus ~5" - 6"

Wild Otopharnyx sp blue torpedo Mozambique medium ~3" NEW!
Wild Otopharnyx heterodon south Undu ~4.5" xtra male, Color
lg Otopharnyx lithobates red top 'aristo' ~4"+ Full COLOR

lg Petrochromis Chitimba thick bar ~5"
Wild Placidochromis electra blue Hongi ~5" Male Full color!Big
md-lg Placidochromis electra "deep water hap"
Wild Protomelas sp. fenestratus Taiwan red MALE, FULL COLOR!!
Wild Protomelas ornatus big lips ~6" (2M:5F) COLOR!! NICE!
xlg Placidochromis phenochilus sapphire ~4.5"- 5"
Wild Protomelas sp "spilonotus tanzania' org belly ~5"-6" (2M:3F)
med+ Protomelas taeniolatus red empress ~3"
lg Protomelas sp wide bar kirkii ~4.5"
Wild Pseudotropheus chailosi bee (1M:4F)
xlg Pseudotropheus chailosi bee (farm) 4.5"+
lg Pseudotropheus elongatus Mara yellow
sm-md Pseudotropheus mix (color) 2"
md-lg Pseudotropheus color mix 3.5"+
lg Pseudotropheus mix fancy 4"+

md-lg Sciaenochromis fryeri electric blue ahli ~3.5"+ (some color)

Wild Taeniolethrinops praeorbitalis ~3.5" to 4" (1M:2F)

Wild Tramitichromis (Lethrinops) brevis ~5" MALE; Big!!

Wild Tyrannochromis macrostoma Tanzania ~4"+

sm Aristochromis christyi parrot cichlid

sm-md Aulonocara sp. albino eureka ~1.5"+
xsm Aulonocara albino flavescent peacock ~1"+
sm-md Aulonocara baenschi Benga yellow regal ~2"
sm-md Aulonocara blue neon
sm-md Aulonocara flavescent Usisya ~2"++
sm-md Aulonocara gertrudae orange collar Lupingu ~2"
sm-md Aulonocara jacobfreibergi lemon jacob F-1
sm-md Aulonocara koningsi Mbenji blue regal
sm Aulonocara sp. Ngara flametail peacock
sm Aulonocara sp. Nkhata yellow head peacock
sm-md Aulonocara regal Maclear/Cobue
med Aulonocara saulosi green face Undu Pt F-1 ~2.5"

sm Buccochromis rhoadessi yellow leptura
sm Buccochromis spectabilis

sm-md Chilotilapia euchilus

sm-md Copadichromis chrysonotus white blaze
sm Copadichromis sp mloto gold crest Makonde ~1.25"
sm-md Copadichromis sp. 'mloto undu' ~1.5"
sm-md Copadichromis virginalis yellow blaze
sm-md Cynotilapia afra Chinyanwazi jumbo white top ~1.75"
sm-md Cynotilapia afra Cobue orange back ~1.75"+
sm Cynotilapia afra red top dwarf ~1.5"
sm Dimidiochromis strigatus sunset F-1 ~1.25"+
sm Iodotropheus sprengerae rusty cichlid ~1.5"
med Labeotropheus fuelleborni OB orange ~2.5"
sm-md Labeotropheus trewavasae OB orange Big!
sm Labeotropheus trewavasae red stripe Manda/ OB female
sm-md Labidochromis sp. Mbamba yellow top
sm Labidotropheus pallidus yellow cap
sm-md Labidochromis perlmutt
sm-md Lethrinops albus Kande Island
sm-md Lethrinops intermedius ~2"
sm-md Lethrinops red cap Itungi ~1.5"+
sm Lichnochromis acuticeps Malawi Gar ~1.5"
med Lichnochromis acuticeps Malawi Gar ~2.5"
med Melanochromis auratus F-1 ~2.5"
sm-md Melanochromis chipokae (true)
sm-md Melanochromis johanni orange SUPER
sm Melanochromis 'vermivorus' (heterochromis) Mumbo Island
sm-md Metriaclima callainos 'OB cobalt'
sm-md Metriaclima estherae cherry red zebra ~1.75"+
sm-md Metriaclima sp. callainos OB zebra Makonde
sm Metriaclima sp. mbenji OB ruby special
sm Metriaclima sp. mustardi OB yellow (OB yellow zebra)
med Metriaclima sp. red top Galilea Reef ~2.5"
sm Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus
med Nimbochromis venustus ~2.5"
sm Otopharnyx lithobates red top aristo
sm-md Otopharnyx lithobates yellow blaze
sm Petrotilapia sp. Nkhata orange
sm-md Petrotilapia sp. thick bar Chitimba ~2" BIG!

sm-md Placidochromis electra deep water hap
sm-md Placidochromis sp solo (barred steveni)

sm-md Protomelas fenestratus yellow chin Pombo
sm-md Protomelas ornatus F-1

sm-md Pseudotropheus avanti yellow tail
sm Pseudotropheus daktari yellow "acei"
sm-md Pseudotropheus demasoni F-1 ~1.5"+
sm-md Pseudotropheus dophin Manda 'giant demasoni' F-1
sm-md Pseudotropheus elongatus Chewere
sm-md Pseudotropheus elongatus red Ndumbi Pt Likoma
sm-md Pseudotropheus greberi Chizumulu F-1 ~1.75"+
sm Pseudotropheus kenyi ~1.5"
xsm Pseudotropheus socolofi snow ~1.25"
sm-md Pseudotropheus socolofi / edwardi blue ~1.75"+
sm-md Stigmatochromis modestus red ~1.75"+
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