South American cichlids avail. special order

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South American cichlids avail. special order

Postby Admin » Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:19 pm


Apistogramma agassizi "Marajo" med Brazil
Apistogramma combrae med Brazil

Cichla pinima 3.5-4" Brazil

Dicrosus maculatus lg/xlg In stock here now Brazil
Dicrosus cf. filamentosus med Brazil

Aequidens latifrons Wild Platinum Acara med/lg Colombia

Geophagus pellegrini lg/xlg In stock here now Colombia
Geophagus sveni lg Brazil

Laetacara dorsigera lg Brazil

Hoplarchus psittacus True Green Parrot Cichlid 3"+ In stock here now Colombia

Acarichthys heckelli "Wild" 3" Brazil

Pterophyllum cf. scalare "Peru Altum" lg/xlg Peru
Pterophyllum cf. scalare "Redback Altum" Santa Isabel/Sao Gabriel med/lg Brazil

Microgeophagus ramirezi ----NICE COLOR!! Wild Blue Ram med Colombia

Crenicichla sp. "Tapajos Red 6-8" Brazil

Heros cf. severus "Atabapo" Atabapo Red Sevrum 4-5" Colombia

Biotecus opercularis Brazil

Symphysodon discus "Heckel" md/lg
Symphysodon discus "Blue Face Heckel" md/lg
Symphysodon sp. Tefe Green Tefe Green Discus

Retroculus lapidifer med
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