adding new fish to established Malawi set up

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adding new fish to established Malawi set up

Postby Admin » Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:08 pm

Well, I came in yesterday, got a female and a male yellow lab to add to an established 55gl tank of 10 mixed Malawi's (none are the same). Re-arranged the tank as instructed, left lights off and slowly introduced them to the tank by letting them acclimate to the temp and pH by adding tank water. The fish are basically $39 worth of fish food. Fins are chomped and they are hiding in the top corner of the tank. What went wrong?

you should have bought at least 7 new fish not 2
Malawis HATE newcomers
re arranging the rocks could help somewhat
but when I have to put new fish in an established Malawi tanks
I go to extremes

what I might have done is
take the fish out of the tank
put them in a bucket for 20 minutes or so
move all the rocks around
drain the water 50% at least
put the new fish in
put the bucket of the original fish in
then refill the tank
and throw some food in to keep their mouths busy

It s a chore but I think it gives you the best chance to have
the new introductions survive

also get a large quantity of new introductions

also get a smaller size of new introduction

if the new fish is too big to eat
but too small to pose a threat to the dominance of the original thug
it is often ignored

by the way:
for acclimating
I suggest just floating the bag for 10 minutes max
discard the shipping water and shoot him right in
... it is always a good idea to be aware of your chemistry
but you don't have to get super exact about it

... in general
Malawi aquariums should be
pH 7.5 - 8.4
temperature 72 degrees F for adults / 79 degrees F for babys
well filtered and frequent partial water changes
feeding green flake only if the population is Mbuna
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