lesions on south american cichlids

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lesions on south american cichlids

Postby Admin » Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:02 am

74 is too cool I think
at least 80 degrees F

Guyana is HOT

no carbon in the filter

you could possibly try melafix

re-treat daily according to directions

change water as often as possible

dis-continue salt
if it did any good
it already did it

lots of good nutrition

fresh or frozen shrimp or fish

I've been feeding King Oscar Sardines packed in Spring water
fresh green flake and frozen brine and green pellets
Hello, Ned. As we discussed last week, I had five adult Guianacara sp. with lesions on their heads. Per your suggestion, I performed a 90% water change, drastically increased the salinity (20 tablespoons of non-iodized table salt in the 33-gallon tank) and raised the temperature to 83F. I maintained those conditions for one week. All the fish tolerated the treatment well. Today, I changed out 90% of the water again, and dropped the temperature back to 74F.

The lesions have improved noticeably, but they're still there. I was thinking of leaving the tank under normal conditions for a week, and then repeating the salt+heat treatment. What do you suggest?


From: CichFish@aol.com <CichFish@aol.com>

Iodine from the drug store might help

I can do it if you want to bring them by

do the salt heat water change at least
Thank you, Ned.. What do you think?

I should relocate the Ancistrus before adding the salt, right?


From: CichFish@aol.com <CichFish@aol.com>

Ancistrus can take 2 teaspoons of salt per 1 gallon of water
10 days MAX

best thing you can do
without any harm

change 90% of the water
put in 22 TABLEspoons of salt (regular sodium chloride)
1 time only

MAXIMUM 22 tablespoons of salt for 33 gallons of water
less salt might still work

keep that salt level for 7 days max

turn temp up to 83 degrees F Maximum

eliminate all carbon from the filter

Good evening. I've got five adult _Guianacara sp._ in a 33L aquarium. My water parameters test well, and the temperature is stable. The only other fish is one small bushy-nosed pleco.

Several of the fish have lesions around their eyes and on their heads. They do not look like fighting injuries; the roughest it ever gets in there is the rare lip-lock, anyway. The lesions are either reddish, white (not fuzzy, not small enough for ick), or a combination of the two. I performed a web search for "hole in the head," but the images I saw don't seem to match what I'm seeing here (unless the condition manifests differently in different species).
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