mouthbrooding cichlid mothers

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mouthbrooding cichlid mothers

Postby Admin » Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:38 pm

I was hoping to get some advice on my cichlids whom are breeding. We have had babies before and set up a separate tank but unfortunately we lost most and reintroduced the ones that survived into the large tank. It seems the "mother" is holding again and we don't want to have the same thing happen to the new babies. I was thinking about getting a nursery tank to go inside the main tank but don't know when I should out the female in. Could you give me some advice on timelines and what to do once she releases the babies please?. Thank you

Uncle Ned's Fish Factory:
when you see her holding, wait about 3 days, prepare a seperate tank, catch her and put her in the new tank all alone... put some cover in there for her, plastic plants, java moss, rocks, pipes, etc. wait til she releases them (2 - 3 weeks) .. then put her back in the main tank
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