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Postby Admin » Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:42 pm

call me on the phone so I can
berate the moron who told you to do a fish - less cycle
... what ever the crunk that is

go to his house
and see all his fish - less fish tanks
then come here and see some nice happy healthy fish

rule 1 : feed the fish
rule 2 : change the water
rule 3 : NEVER poison the fish
[ NO Ammonia, NO Soap, NO air freshener, NO flea powder, NO Chemicals of any kind
except dechlorinator for tap water]
rule 4 : there are no other rules

crunking idiots (pardom my french)
throw all the water away

refill the tank with tap water

use any good brand of de chlorinator at directions on the bottle

add some good filter bacteria from an established healthy aquarium
(I have 200 established healthy aquariums here)

if for african cichlids
use appropriate amount of african salt
african cichlid Buffer : CAUTION : DIRECTIONS on most "buffers" are WRONG
.. start with one quarter of what label suggests
and TEST
In a message dated 7/8/2014 7:30:04 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, !!!111 writes:
I have been doing a fishless cycling for a while now and I thought I was done but my readings are confusing. I have the below readings. Any idea why my ammonia won't go away. I add it daily to keep feeding the bacteria but it never goes below 1.0

Ammonia - 1.0 ... of course and at least
Nitrites - 0 ... who cares
Nitrates - 20-40ppm ... slightly interesting but throw that all away and start over

hello :
you add ammonia daily
you wonder why it
won't go away


please have someone read to you what you just typed
listen carefully
and pretend you never heard it before

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