infamous "oranda float" disease

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infamous "oranda float" disease

Postby Admin » Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:36 pm

infamous "oranda float" disease

Postby Admin » 27 Sep 2013 05:35 pm

'fancy' goldfish
short body oranda, ryukins, etc
often suffer from "FLOAT" and/or "BLOAT"
as opposed to common or comet goldfish which almost never get it

the main reason they get sick is the mal-formed body

I actually consider it luck if they do not get intestinal problem
and normal if they do get intestinal problems

as far as experts go
I know none

a lot of people feed green peas
some people use metronidazole
some people use very shallow tanks
1 foot deep or less

I must say
I know of one case out of a hundred where they fish got better
from the infamous "oranda float" disease

on the positive side
I see few problems with float in very spacious
well filtered outdoor ponds
2 feet deep

... the reasons I think the large pond (or very large tank) work
gas exchange from enormous surface area
dilution of waste due to enormous gallonage
probably most important is live food
(both insects and algae)

I suggest 30 gallons per goldfish

I think the key is prevention
I also think a cure is impossible
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