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"I am going on vacation for 8 days in August. This is really the longest period I've been away from the tank. I bought an the Eheim 3581 Digital Feeder auto feeder with Hikari floating mini pellets. I figured I'll do a water change before I go (do them weekly) but I am open to advice on how often to feed (always worried about a feeder malfunction). There is algae in the tank that they graze on but it's not substantial. 55 Gallon tank, 10, 10 month old Malawi. "

a few things about vacations in the summertime:
keep you Air Condioning on : set it at 80 degrees F
unplug your heater
make sure your filters are functioning properly before you leave
automatic battery powered air pumps are available
automatic battery powered feeders are good, but most don't work well on tanks larger than 75 gallons
vacation feeders seem to work well
most fish that are healthy to start with can go a week or more without food
it would be best if you can have someone check up on your fish tank every 3 days or so

specifically for african cichlids
some people have suggest romain lettuce
I've never tried it myself
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