overheated fish tanks

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overheated fish tanks

Postby Admin » Mon Jul 17, 2006 2:19 pm

overheated fish tanks

many fish suffer in temperatures
above 85 degrees F

many saltwater invertibrates suffer above 80 degrees F

some things to do to cool the tanks:
* use an air conditioner in the room where the tank is
* for a large system (50 gallons or more) we sell chillers
* put a fan in front of the tank
* unplug the aquarium heater
* open the glass versa top or plastic hood
* turn off the lights
* lower the water level in the aquarium,
let some of the water from the filter return splash a little to break the surface
* add an air pump & airstone to the aquarium
* drain most of the warm water from the tank...refill with proper temperature water
* freeze large plastic bottles or plastic bags filled with water, float them in the tank
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