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Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 10:44 pm
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I’ve got a forty breeder with a lone syno eupteras, a newly setup 29 gal. and a new 55 yet to be setup. Nothing worse than empty fish tanks and you seem to be the man to call. I’ve got a few health problems and I can’t walk around for too long so I really appreciated you doing the inventory in the website forum.

1. Always wanted geophagus. Love the red head taps. Would it be better to get a few or could one red head, one sveni and one steindachneri be compatible? they would be compatible, no red head tapajos in stock right now but many other Surinam types are in stock now... all Geos do best in a group of 4 or more of their own

2. Do you still have any albino or regular hoplo cats and the diadema flag tail Catfish or syno Alberti ? I think all 3 are in stock. I’ve had the flag tails before could they be kept with the hoplos? sure

3. Dwarf giraffe cat? Adult size,attitude and do they hide all the time? 4"+, peaceful, they dig sand, love to hide

4. Two larger cichlids. Do you have any rotkeil severums yes Large or golden mojarra bocourti yes 2.25"+ ?
I’m familiar with severums behavior but how soon would it need to be moved to a 70 gallon? When it gets big... I love golden mojarra from afar but I have no idea about their aggression level or compatibility. peaceful but big... I’ve had large fish before I’m more of a friendly Oscar person than a killer dovi person.

5. On one of your ordering lists I saw these orange shouldered angelfish and I’ve heard about blue angelfish. Any of these available? Blues are in stock, don't know orange shoulder... I’m thinking about a tank with a few geos sifting at the bottom with a few angels floating around the top-middle with some tetras schooling around. Any tetra suggestions? Rummynose?

6. Do you have any electric blue acaras? xxx small babies cheap.... I’ve seen them get along with anything that doesn’t beat on them.

7. Which do you prefer black phantom tetras, red eye monk tetras, or Colombian redfin tetras? Which school better? all are good, not sure if any of those are here now

8. Would a single fantail or Oranda goldfish be happy alone in a 40 breeder? yes... Would weather loaches be compatible with a goldfish? probably...

9. Almost forgot I really want to get one of the leopard frog plecs you had in but can you put them in A new tank without any algae or biofilm buildup? ... you can substitute with many other foods...Do they need wood? good idea


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