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gut problem with pink kisser

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Post subject: gut problem with pink kisser
Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 10:58 pm
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Queston: We have a giant pink gourami.
It has done well for about a year. Recently it has greatly reduced its eating and seems to be partially regurgitating after eating. It has a swelling for the last two weeks that started symmetrically but is looking a bit asymmetrical now. Not pineconing. Swims fine. No red lesions not dropsy. Not sure if this is a sign of bearing eggs. But worried about infection and/or constipation. Will not eat green beans but ate a bit of lettuce. Tried a gentle press and saltwater dip to see if blockage but nothing expressed. Do not wish to stress fish out so hoping for advice prior to any next steps. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Answer: tough one
... that species (kissing gourami? https://www.thesprucepets.com/kissing-gourami-1378313) can live for 35 years ...
if it is that far gone I suggest euthanasia or hospice ... perhaps give it it's own tank all alone ... try food sometimes, may get better on its own ... if you want to try drugs praziquantel is good against some internal worms (also flukes, which would not be likely to infect the digestive tract ... so I'm told), metronidazole is good against most internal protozoa ... we have, use, and sell both...

... there is a true thing with some species ... usually Danios, called egg binding ... Danios (I'm told) can not release their own eggs without a male "bumping" them... so I never sell Danios in groups smaller than 7) ... never heard of a similar problem with Gouramis ... most fish can pass excess eggs no problem

sometimes... if fish is not obviously suffering ... I just leave it alone in a tank by itself ... often if they ain't dead they get better on their own ... clean warm water, nice fresh food , Allah be praised

article on "Bloat" ... similar to "Dropsy" here: http://unclenedsfishfactory.com/Library ... Bloat.html


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