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koi in stock

Postby Admin » Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:36 pm

From Japan:

many "counterfeit" Tancho
which are Kohaku with Red Caps but have occasional small ammounts of red elsewhere on the body
standard fin

and kujaku doitsu orange and white
standard fin

a few black and red hi utsuri
some Ochiba Shigure (chagoi gray w/ red brown patches)
possibly chagoi
possibly kohaku
the above 4 are hirenga butterfly fin

all above are 4.5 - 8" $45

we also have some Asagi mostly blue and white
standard fin 9- 12"

sanke and kohaku (possibly showa)
1) oshibahiguro (chagoi gray w/ red brown patches)
standard fin 13"

3) ogon (1 is doitsu)
several sanke and kohaku
standard fin 14"+
we also have small domestic for $13
and med-Lrg domwstic for $20
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