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from : Scott Dowd <>

Hello friends of Project Piaba,next week as we travel deep in to the Amazon Rain forest to the heart of the aquarium hobby.

Project Piaba's Lead on Animal Health and Best Handling Practices; Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan ( have a satellite link up to the Aquarium Science Program's Facebook page (see below). Tim is already en-rout to the Amazon so you might see some pings and uploads soon. The expedition departs Manaus on Sunday. We have some really exciting things lined up for this trip that will be real advancements towards helping the aquarium fishery navigate its challenges, and maximize benefits to the fishing communities and the environment.

Deb however, will not be sending pings or anything fit for uploading - we have our first big snowstorm set to hit our area this weekend; just after she's put months of work into getting the expedition organized and underway. Sorry, and thank you Deb!

We'll send a follow-up update on the outcomes of the trip as soon as we can when we return.

Here's the note from Tim:

"I will be posting to our program Facebook Page,, throughout the trip. While I won’t be able to post images unless I have a wifi connection while on the river I use a satellite system to post short messages and a link to our current position on the river. The system pings the satellite every 10 minutes and if it can connect uploads to the map."

This will also be shared on Project Piaba's Facebook page:

Please also share/forward this to anyone that might enjoy following the Project Piaba expedition.

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