eliminate string algae

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eliminate string algae

Postby Admin » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:48 pm

in stock now

Interpet pond balance
to eliminate string algae

totally safe in my experience ...
I've tried it on
daphnia, snails, amphibians,
baby fish, adult fish, and all plants

$20 per pound

remove as much string algae as possible manually ...
change a good volume of water first
always use dechlorinator if using city water, we carry several brands ....

needs to have water flow to function
also needs to be at suggested dose level per gallon


3 treatments once every 10 days is suggested

mix the pink crystals in a bucket of water first...
keep pond balance dry 'til you are ready to use it

1 oz per 204 gallons

5 oz per 1020 gallons

16 oz. (1 pound) per 3,250 gallons

9.34 kg (aprox. 20.5 pounds) treats 67,100 gallons

Ned Bowers

Uncle Ned's Fish Factory, Inc.
1590 Main St.
Millis MA 02054

store phone: 508 533 5969 (leave message anytime)
cell: 508 981 7730

store hours
noon - 8 pm Mon - Sat
noon - 6 pm Sunday

508 533 5969
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