Heisei Nishiki

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Heisei Nishiki

Postby Admin » Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:40 pm

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need the best english translation you can do for
Heisei Nishiki

This is hard.

I am sure you know that this is the name of an expensive Koi breed. And it is a new breed of this Heisei Era (this is year 19 of the Heisei era in Japan).

So, it is hard to give a good translation since it is a name and Nishiki Koi already existed. So it is the New Nishiki Koi from the Heisei era.

If you want the direct translation of the word,

Heisei is the name of the era we are in now under the current emperor. (Showa was the era under Emperor Hirohito). Nishiki can be translated as glory. So you can say the “Glory of this Era” but I don’t think it was named under such intention.
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