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The Mud Puddle

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Post subject: The Mud Puddle
Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2006 9:59 pm
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This was a 6 year neglected pond.
Surprisingly, this pond held many comets, 1 LARGE Koi, some snakes, frogs, and even a large snapping turtle.
A family bought the house, and wanted to make the pond one of the first projects to have done.

There is still some landscape work to be done around the pond, but TheFishGuy was able to give it's inhabitants a happy healthy place to live once again.

There was new plumbing to the filter done, a U.V Sterilizer was installed, and we even included some mood lighting for those intimate evenings.

I hope you enjoy the photos

P.O. Box 2453
Framingham MA 01703

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