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Ban the chemical that’s killing our bees
by Nancy Addison · 139,233 supporters
Petition update

Federal Government Admits Neonicotinoids Are Killing Bees

Nancy Addison
Dallas, TX
Jan 11, 2016 — The federal government released a report this week that finally admitted neonicotinoids are the cause of catastrophic bee deaths. Peter Jenkins (attorney for the Center for Food Safety) said the EPA exempted pesticides used in seed coatings from standard regulations. “Unlike pesticides used as sprays or granular applications, those used as seed coatings carry no restrictions or mandatory safety measures when farmers and others handle them. It’s a critical oversight because the vast majority of neonicotinoids are used in that format,” Jenkins said.
The report of imidacloprid is so critical the EPA “could potentially take action” to “restrict or limit the use” of the chemical by the end of this year, an agency email disclosed.
I want to take this petition to the EPA immediately.
Please help me get more signatures before I take it at the beginning of February.
Use of clothianidin and other neonicotinoids is most worrisome, said Jim Frazier, professor of entomology at Penn State University, because the chemicals treat millions of acres of corn and other genetically modified plants throughout the U.S. Data show that the chemicals builds up over time in the soil, plants and trees, he said.
About 1/3 of our food supply comes from bee and insect-pollinated plants. Bees are responsible for 80 % of food pollination.
Brett Adee, a beekeeper lost more than 6,000 hives last spring when corn was planted, said a state investigation found his bees were poisoned by neonicotinoid poisons that were used on the seeds being planted on adjoining properties by his neighbors.
Please help get their attention to make them outlaw these destructive poisons. Please share this petition with your friends and neighbors.
For more information go to: ... ors-today/ or ... enDocument

Thank you so much, Nancy
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