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my opposition to marijuana prohibition
is strictly logical

(I am not pro - marijuana, just anti law)

personally marijuana makes me see things that aren't there
and think and hear things that aren't there
and I don't want that


no person that has done bad things to me did so because of marijuana
some people that did bad things to me had used marijuana
but the bad things were not because of marijuana

bottom line

I don't want to spend $60000 per year to put a guy in prison cuz he got caught with a pound of pot

I don't care

he can't do $60000 worth of damage to anyone with his pound of pot

his $60000 worth of pot would be worth a lot less if it were legal
... not that that matters

further still
there is all this talk of
"legalize and tax it"
what the frunk "tax it"
how is this ANYBODY'S business ? PERIOD

all of the things that are illegal to do with drugs are illegal anyway
> endangering children
> driving while impaired
> stealing
> you name it

be good to each other you kids
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