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IBAMA 2009

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Municipality of Barcelos tries to contain the crisis in ornamental fish trade


The Municipality of Barcelos is studying projects to face a serious crisis in legalized trade in ornamental fish, representing 60% of the economy in place and the $ 2 million per year in the region. With the closing of the company's Aquarium Turky by court order last month, about 5000 people benefited directly and indirectly with the company were without income. That's because the Turky was the largest city in the export segment of ornamental fish and a ban harmed other companies in the same industry, jeopardizing thousands of jobs that depend on legalized capture of ornamental fish to survive.
The company was closed in compliance with a decision of the Court of Para, on the 22nd of last month. The group is being sued by environmental crime and conspiracy. According to the Federal Police (PF), they were part of a scheme that practiced fishing of ornamental fish without environmental authorization and resold them out of the country The capture of ornamental fish was occurring illegally in Pará On Amazon, it comes being held in Barcelos and other municipalities through sustainable projects that meet environmental standards.
The Secretary for the Environment of the municipality of Barcelos, Julio Alberto Dias said that does not challenge the court decision closed the Turkyu's Aquarium. However, he notes that the company has always proved to be in accordance with the rules and regulations required by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) to work. The IBAMA itself, according to Dias, issued a technical note to certify the settlement enterprise in the Amazon.
From now on, the Municipality of Barcelos is concerned with seeking sustainable economic means to help families affected with the closing of Turky's Aquarium. "We need to help these families, not only a social and economic, but also environmental. That's because, no service, workers may be vulnerable to environmental crimes such as logging, hunting and overfishing to seek livelihoods, "said Secretary Julio Alberto.
The mayor of Barcelos, José Ribamar Beauty (PMDB), said the county is researching and studying fisheries projects ornamental fish character sustainable benefit cooperatives, previously working for Turky's Aquarium. He said he did not rule out recourse to private initiative to secure funds to help workers. "Since companies have projects that meet environmental requirements, we can create partnerships. What we are leaving town families with no source of income, "said the mayor.
About 80% of the production of ornamental fish exported from Brazil come from the extraction, which is concentrated in the Amazon, and the region of the middle Rio Negro responsible for supplying 90%. This percentage, Barcelos, with 25 thousand inhabitants, is responsible for most of the production. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger ...
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