goldfish in Lake Tahoe

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goldfish in Lake Tahoe

Postby Admin » Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:51 pm ... ws-main-bb

I saw that article already

goldfish get that big
.. biggest one I ever saw was from my knuckles to my a elbow
(a cubit) 17.5 inches...
I thought it was a koi at first

the ridiculous one in the 'french' picture
(the giant orange fat fish with the little whiskers)
is actually a koi
[by the way: that pic has also shown up at English and Scottish web sites ...
the article is just plain inaccurate at best]

I would love someone to prove to me that where goldfish and koi are free
there is a decline in "native" fish.

that being said:
it is correct that no one should release a pet fish (or any pet animal or plant) into the wild
for a hundred reasons ...
the 3 most important reasons I put below :
the first reason is: various busy bodys (PETA and a thousand others with more time than brains)
will have fuel to legally shut down the companion animal business and hobby

the second reason is: it is cruel to put a domesticated animal (fish or mammal or anything)
into a wild situation where it will almost certainly die

the 3rd reason is: that, yes, some released animals and plants have had horrible affects on the natural environment
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