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Post subject: virus
Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 9:48 pm
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Virus :

We need volunteers!
... to come in on WEEKDAYS ! (and buy stuff) ...

As all our regular visitors know,
our store has many, many customers on Saturdays and Sundays.
Perhaps ... if 60% of you weekend customers would simply come in Monday thru Friday,
rather than Saturday and Sunday,
it would help greatly with our effort to obtain "social distancing".
For example, today was a Wednesday, we had maybe 15 customers come in at random over the 8 hours ... that's about 1 customer every half hour.
We could easily handle 45 customers over 8 hours ... that's about 1 customer every 11 minutes.
If something close to that could happen during the week,
that would reduce the crazy over-crowding on the weekend by A WHOLE LOT.
So, we are loving it when we have customers,
but we just wish you could spread your visits out to the 7 days, rather than just the 2 days.

Of course if you are coughing or sneezing, please do not visit.
If you want, for any reason, we can ship almost any dry goods (and some fish.)
You can also call ahead, we can pack your order, and deliver to the parking lot.

Dan and I and the usual staff will be here regular hours,
noon - 8, Monday - Saturday ... noon - 6 Sunday.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation !


508 533 5969

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Post subject: Re: virus
Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 9:32 pm
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news : March 29, 2020

new hours:
Monday - Saturday : noon - 7 pm
Sundays : noon - 5 pm

Much of the time we are low on staff,
Ned will be working alone
... and I am cranky
(THEY say I'm obnoxious, I think I'm funny ... so just warning people who are snark sensitive ... it's not you it's me, advance warning)

call the store : 508 533 5969 when you get into the parking lot ...
... we will open the door if we are not crowded ... we are letting people in , about 2 - 4 people total at a time ...
... you can buy anything we have ...

... we can also pre-pack and run stuff out to the parking lot if you wish ...
... we can also US Mail or UPS almost any dry goods or fish

We are working on a new web site where you can mail order stuff, might be a while ...

best ways to contact Ned at Uncle Ned's Fish Factory:
1) Phone : 508 533 5969 (I will usually pick up, if I can't pick up: call back, or leave a message, I check for messages every 3 hours)
2) email: unclenedsfishfactory@gmail.com (I check emails every 3 hours)
3) face book message (I actually get an email, saying I have a face book message)
4) reply to an unclenedsfishfactory.com bulletin board post (I actually get an email, saying I have a bulletin board reply) ... you need to become a bulletin board member to post replies
5) Phone : my cell phone ... 508 981 7730 ... this ONLY works if I'm on the road ... I do not pick it up when I'm in the store ...
6) reply to a Face Book post: I will ONLY EVER see this if I am reading back thru my posts from many days ago ... I get ZERO notices ANYWHERE if there is a reply to my Face Book posts
7) Text : NO, never
8) drums: I am going deaf
8) smoke signals: sure, whatever

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